At Phone Media we offer you a professional repair service for all those terminals that do not have sufficient means, resources, investment or time.

Those customers who need more advanced repair than can be offered in a small business are our goal.
Simply by linking with the customer and managing the reception of your device and subsequent sending to our facilities can make a profit, in some cases high because of our economic prices and in which you will not have to employ your own human resources, Phone Media It will do it for you.


We are the leading company in recycling and repair broken screens of any make and model.

The breakage of the glass not only causes problems of correct functioning in our terminal, but also can produce cuts in our skin when used.



Many of the problems of our mobile terminals (Faults, slowness, automatic locks, etc.) can be solved with a software update. Our specialists will carry out a check of your terminal eliminating and updating any Software that harms you.


The short battery life is one of the most common problems.

In PhoneMedia we quickly detect if the problem is from the battery or the charging connector to give the correct solution.



In many occasions it is possible to repair the motherboard of your terminal avoiding thus the change of the same that could imply a greater cost.

With a repair we can save more than 50% of the cost of a new plate.


Recovering your phone and data before a damage by humidity is possible but it is very important that you deliver it to us as soon as possible.

The time that passes from getting wet to the professional intervention of PhoneMedia is vital so that the terminal does not suffer any more damage.


There are many other less common issues that we are accustomed to repair as malfunction of the start button or volume … or speakers that are not heard correctly.

Whatever it is in PhoneMedia we have the solution for your mobile devices.


45%Screen repair


20%Board Failures

10%Other breakdowns